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About Sweetwater Farms

We are located on a 175-acre sheep and cash crop farm in a small community in southern Ontario. We breed katahdin's from birth and grow our own feed. This ensures that our meat meets our stringent health and quality control standards.


We create a stress free, healthy environment by raising the animals on good pasture with a grain ration prior to and after pregnancy. Once a month they are given electrolytes (vitamins) in their water and they have free access to a good quality mineral block.


Worming is managed in two ways: the first way is by adding diatomaceous earth directly into the feed (grain and corn). Secondly, the pastures are lightly seeded with chicory, which is also a natural and environmentally friendly, way to control these parasites. When necessary, we drench the stock for humane reasons.


Our Lambs are given a vitamin E and selenium injection at birth to help boost their imune system.


Our stock is limited but, it is of the highest, healthiest quality.



About Katahdins

The Katahdin is a heavy muscled, medium sized, easy-care meat type sheep.


They exhibit a natural tolerance of climatic extremes and are capable of high performance in areas that vary in geography, temperature, and humidity, as well as feed and forage systems.


Katahdins usually have a docile and quiet disposition - a temperament which contributes to easy handling, so that women and children have no problem moving them around. The purpose of the breed is to efficiently and economically produce MEAT.


The shedding coat of the Katahdin does not require shearing and is preferably free of permanent wooly fibres. The coat can be any colour from white to brown to spotted. Polled animals are preferred; scurred or horned animals are recorded as such.


Katahdin ewes are easy lambers, exhibiting strong maternal instincts with sufficient milk supply to raise twins or triplets. They possess a high potential for arriving at early puberty, for fertility, and for having a high rate of lamb survival.


Small at birth, lambs grow and mature rapidly to an acceptable market weight. Katahdin produces a well-muscled, lean carcass with a mild flavour. Some producers have experienced very little taste variation in the Katahdin meat even at a mature age, therefore maintaining a marketable product past the "lamb" stage.


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