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Sweetwater Farms is a small, 100% Canadian, family-owned, non-GMO, pasture-based, local-market, sustainable mixed farm; featuring an all natural, grass fed katahdin herd.


We have established a habitat that is harmonious with nature, where our livestock is treated humanely and ethically. Our farm's natural ecosystem is fostered and maintained for our wild friends (animals, birds, fish and other indigenous creatures), and we continually strive to minimize our environmental footprint.

We believe that our animalsí diet is a true replication of what they would naturally choose to eat i.e.: home grown grass and hay, supplemented with our mixed grain during the winter season. We WILL NEVER feed animal or industrial byproducts to our herd or use growth promoting/bulking hormones, drugs, arsenicals, beta agonists or antibiotics.


Bottom line; If it would make you or our animals squeamish we will not feed it.


Please browse through our web site and contact us by email with any questions or comments.


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